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The Generators offer full service arts and entertainment expertise, programs and services across the country with skills to strategically design projects and clients in our rapidly changing world.  Based in Texas, California, New Mexico and New York, we are some of the most creative, well-connected arts professionals in the business with many years in the cultural, entertainment and performing arts field in a variety of disciplines with relationships across the country and around the world. We have produced thousands of festivals, concerts, public art projects, conferences, exhibits, film festivals, workshops and educational programs throughout the USA and Latin America. Our 360° responsive project-based approach incorporates unique depth of knowledge and regional expertise to navigate between grassroots and corporate clients.


The Generators bring know-how to virtually all aspects of cultural programming and the services that go along with it, creating innovative programs, experiences and events - virtual and in person - providing professional services for businesses, organizations, artists and individuals. We work in both Spanish and English. From corporate and governmental clients to museums, festivals, universities, performing arts centers and independent ventures in Spanish and in English, The Generators work with clients on specialized projects with an individualized approach and a global perspective. We bring ideas to life. 


The Generators’ guiding principles are, and have always been, focused on cultural equity, diversity and inclusion with a focus on excellence, integrity, and innovation.

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