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Kayhan Kalhor In Memory of Mohammed Reza Shajarian

March 2021 and Beyond

The internationally acclaimed virtuoso on the kamancheh (spiked fiddle), Kayhan Kalhor presents a multi-streaming concert film with special guests from a stunning location in  Kashan, Iran, celebrating the life and music of Mohammed Reza Shajarian. 

"[Kayhan Kalhor] is a great master with the ability to perform, entirely by heart, a huge amount of music composed over centuries, but then to take that tradition to new places through the art of improvisation." - NPR

¡Globalquerque! Crowd_45__photo by Jim H

The Generators have individually been at the forefront of creating innovative global programming from the traditional to the most cutting edge, from coast to coast. They have worked with artists, companies, civic and governmental entities, and  organizations around the world.

The Generators collectively bring deep expertise and storied histories across the arts and entertainment field.

Bijayini Satpathy_Photo Credit: Mahesh B

Abhipsaa-a (Seeking)

Spring 2022 World Premiere

One of the most recognizable names in Indian dance, renowned Odissi dancer Bijayini has performed the world over, both solo, and with the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble. 
After leaving the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, Bijayini turned her focus to fulfilling her dream of creating her first choreographic work: Abhipsaa-a Seeking. The result is not only a piece of intricate movement, but is combined with striking live instrumentation to which the dancer uniquely responds.

“[Bijayini] is easily among the top five dancers I’ve ever seen in my lifetime” - Choreographer Mark Morris in The New York Times



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